‘Lucky boat’ pays off in reds

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Fishing trip for brothers brings in a nice haul despite winds

By Danny Allen

Hey everyone, I hope everybody was able to hold down the forts with all this wind we’ve had. It has put a major damper on my fishing. Also, put a major push on the tides — we really had some good low tides this week. Good for airboaters, clammers and oystermen — all the above jobs are easier with less water. Well for the most part,  I guess, without getting too technical.
Fishing, when I’m able to go, is holding up well. The rivers north and south are full and the creeks are staging up nice. Redfish keep showing up in new winter spots daily. The trout are a li’l scattered again, but as we keep cooling off, that will change.
I have notice sheepshead kinda early this year. So, if they are your cup of tea, might wanna plan a trip. I think the grouper bite has really held up, IF you can stand up out there, lately, that’s the trick.
I took some of this precious downtime as a charter captain and went fishing for myself last week. I have been remodeling a 17-foot poling skiff to chase the beloved redfish. It’s a really cool boat I saw while out on a road trip. And, well, it ended up in my backyard.  Come to find out it’s a pretty darn lucky boat.
Me and my youngest brother, Capt. Nick, headed a li’l north with sight fishing on our minds. When we arrived, the wind wasn’t having any of that stuff. So we dropped the trolling motor down and I went to the tackle box. Ok, here’s the thing, when I go fishing for myself it isn’t like a normal trip. I try and learn something new, so this trip we used baits we’ve never used before. And fished a area that was unfamiliar to us.
The baits worked great and the area was even better. We ended up with four nice reds, two up to 26-inches and a limit of trout up to 25-inches – yep, a six-pound, 25-inch trout. Oh, and we had four trout over 20-inches. So, I would say the boat had a heck of a day. Well, I guess the anglers weren’t too bad either. I am gonna try and get back to it this weekend, hopefully the winds will lay by then. I need some clear water and tailing redfish action.
Y’all take it easy and go Sharks!!!
Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or 352-215-3686.