‘Airboat abomination’ response

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Just a brief response to Mr. Freeman from New Jersey.
On the island you purchased property on and apparently liked enough to do so, the airboat is and has been a vital, even essential, part of the fishing industry. Due to the shallow waters that make up this ecosystem, the crab and mullet fisherman and even the clam farmers find their airboat is the only usable boat.
I have seen subdivisions built out in the country to enjoy the rural lifestyle then some petition to move the farms that surround them due to noise or aroma.
The fact that some must have due to livelihood and others enjoy the experience and pay to ride one, is reason enough to “live and let live.”
Mr.Freeman, instead of outlawing things you don’t like in an area you visit, why not enjoy it as part of the experience, or if that fails, wear earmuffs.
Bruce Wilson
Permanent Resident